Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Musings

In an extraordinary burst of energy, I spent the entire day organizing 'stuff.'  Almost as if I were ready to drop a baby any day, or caught up in spring cleaning fervor (if only it were spring).  Every molecule in my body was screaming for order.  It must be the general air of disorder that is reflected in social media and 'journalism.'  My husband would probably prefer I not view 'the news' at all.  It drives us crazy and there's not anything we can do about the myriad predicaments we see.

Without order, the human race would not have survived. We have few natural defenses, and our ability to organize has allowed us the opportunity to create safety and stability for ourselves.  And so, the spices are now all accessible and in easy reach.  It was a simple joy last night to cook and have spices right there.  These little magnetic tin boxes are just the thing to sooth frayed nerves. No more frantic digging in the cupboard while working over a hot stove.  Peace and stability restored.

Next up: the pantry.  I moved the heavy items from the top shelf to the bottom.  Makes sense, yes?  I have been experiencing a bum arm for a few weeks and each time I reach for the gin bottled water, I pull something in my shoulder.  Ouch.  Of course, the gin bottled water takes care of the pain.

And the labels?  Yes, well, that is so I (and my husband) can remember where things go, after a few drinks of gin bottled water.

I tackled the freezer, where the martini glasses meat and frozen veg live.  I won't bother with a photo, it was just a necessity.   Turns out, we can eat from the freezer for weeks now.  We shall BUY NO MORE MEAT for weeks!

Last, but certainly not least, a small corner space of storage in the garage.  This is where I off-load the 9 of ten Pyrex dishes and the 16 out 15 non-stick fry pans (some day I will need them, really). And the paper goods.  Learning my lesson from the pantry (we do live in earthquake country) I put all the heavy stuff on the bottom after cleaning the shelves.  Paper goods up top.  No more spider webs and dust bunnies clinging to the plastic packaging on the toilet paper. 

Seemingly simple, the tasks of the day completely wore me out.  I slept like a log.  No gin bottled water for me last night.

I'd like to thank news coverage of Donald Trump, African refugees, gun violence, ISIS, and the latest emails from Hillary for driving my efforts.  Next time my home gets well out of order again, I'll pry my eyelids open and watch what we call "news and information" until the need for order kicks in again.


  1. For the first time in my life I have stopped watching the "news." I listen to NPR's hourly updates and that's it. My blood pressure rises each time I hear anything about Trump, I'm sick of the press calling it Hillary's email "scandal," and get sick to my stomach when our President is called Mr. Obama (as he almost always is, even on PBS). And I ran to the bathroom when I accidentally saw Dick Cheney touting his wisdom.

    Unfortunately, none of that has prompted me to get organized. I just retreat with a book or watching "The Newsroom" from HBO on demand. Oh, how I would love to live in a world created by Aaron Sorkin.

  2. We haven't watched the news in years. Not sure when we stopped, but we did. We do read headlines on the internet and will read a story if it really demands our attention. Somehow we stay informed. Isn't that weird? Maybe it's all the Facebook updates and links that remind us of the daily crap. Staying organized is a wonderful thing. We are learning the layout of our new kitchen and working on where all the things should go for easy cooking adventures. We are going to get our earthquake kit ready, thanks for the reminder!

  3. Inspiration for order. I like. I turn on the news once in awhile but generally wish I had not. The problem is there exists no real news outlet that covers what is important and impacts our lives. They are all agenda driven or trying to be so boring nobody will care. Even reading the newspapers depends on the day and whether anything i learn will matter tomorrow or I can impact in some way. Mostly it won't.

  4. A woman after my own heart! Awesome!

  5. wow, gotta love the spice canisters on the side of the frog, maybe a pregnancy test is needed.


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