Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Musings

Several people we met in Cuba are returning soon to attend the opening of Peter Turnley's retrospective exhibit in Havana.  I would love to join their company, but, alas, we are headed out on our own for a week.  I find that as their trip gets closer, I am becoming quite nostalgic about my time in Cuba.  And missing my friends, who are an exceptional group of people.

Eight months have passed since our trip, and I am still processing the experience.  We saw so much, learned to improve our craft, practice our Spanish speaking skills, met lovely locals every day who seem to care about us and celebrated that we were visiting their country.  A gracious population, for sure.  They didn't laugh at my broken Spanish.  Being an Abuela (grandmother), I found common ground with all the Abuelas that I met, and an instant bond was formed.  Nuestros nietos (our grandchildren), we could go on and on about them.  They are our pride and joy.  They are the future.

Someday we hope to return to Cuba, to explore some of the other ancient towns, and the countryside.  If you haven't seen the slideshow of photos taken from the air in Cuba, you must.  Spectacular landscapes.

from "Unseen Cuba"

Vaya con Dios, mis amigos.


  1. It really sounds like it was quite a journey, both literally and figuratively. Life-changing experiences like these, the good kind, are unforgettable.

  2. I would love to go to Cuba. You seem to have had such a marvelous time there. Love the photographs.



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