Friday, November 27, 2015


I've been horrified to hear of protesters outside of Mosques and Islamic centers in our country, confronting worshippers a they leave services.  Some of these protesters are openly carrying guns.  If Christians in this country were being treated in this way, there would be a major outcry from good people, and the loony fringe right.  As is, this was not on the national news.  Found on the internet.

We have a large and very visible Islamic Center a few blocks from our home.  Though I doubt, in this largely white, liberal, educated, upper income, college town, to see protests of this sort.  I do, however, want to offer my support and solidarity with the center during these crazy phobic times.  I went to their website to get information, and came across the rules for behavior during prayers.  What I find hilarious, and universal, is that people have to be instructed to NOT text during prayers.  And that people ought to silence their phones.

And, the kicker, no farting and please keep  your stinky lunch bag outside.  And oh, if you haven't bathed for awhile, please do. 
People are endlessly fascinating.  Happy Friday, all.  Let's stand up for our brothers and sisters who are bullied and threatened anywhere in the United States of America.

(Bold and italics mine)

All individuals should keep quiet and avoid unnecessary talk in the musallah (prayer
area) to avoid disturbing other individuals who are praying or listening to a speaker.

Conversations should be conducted outside the musalla

Please do not text during Khutbah.

Muslims are reminded to pay particular attention to avoid talking during the Friday khutba. Remember that talking during the khutba may void the reward of the Friday prayer.

Individuals must always turn their cell phone to vibrate, silent, or off while in the musalla

Children must be kept under parents control and supervision at all times.

Abstain from everything that may soil the masjid or induce bad smell in the Masjid or cause pain to anyone.

When you see anyone doing something wrong, ask him/her not to do so, quietly 


  1. What a surprise to learn that even in a place set aside for prayer, people have to be reminded to not text and to turn off their phones. We are all one people, aren't we!

  2. I had not heard of protesters outside mosques. But I've heard enough from the GOP candidates about tracking and keeping close eyes on mosques to make me sick. Have a great weekend.

    The first words spoken at my son's wedding in 2003 were "Please turn off your cell phones and Blackberries." It's gotten much worse since then.



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