Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday Musings

What to do when the pollen count is high?  Stay in a do a bit of spring cleaning.  My refrigerator has never been so spotless.  Well, maybe when we purchased it.

The bathroom drawers have been tidied, and expired pills gotten rid of.  Hairbrushes cleaned.

Who knew it took so much to stay afloat in this life?

Yeah, tell it to the Syrian refugees.  The victims of war the world over.  Of plague and starvation.  I am acutely aware of my privileged status.  I can ponder whether it is ethical to eat meat.  Not worry about when and if I'll eat today, tomorrow, next week.

That I can derive such satisfaction from domestic tasks is a triumphant call of the very lucky -- me.

The roses are in full bloom out back, albeit covered with rust.  They still look lovely and I'm cutting the blooms as fast as I can and filling all available vessels.  Rushing back inside to get out of the wind, and, yes, pollen. 

S. gave me this album, a re-pressed vinyl that sounds so warm and real.  Perfect for a relaxed day of sorting, cleaning, musing.

On days when big cleaning tasks need to happen, I like a mix of music I made specifically for the task.  I call it my "House" music.  Pink. Madonna. Bruno Mars.  Pop stuff.

But today, it's Nina.  Languid, sublime.

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  1. We were born into a life a privilege here in America, weren't we? It's always good to remember. Our choices are so vast, and hardly ever about life and death. It is allergy season, good to stay in and take care of the tasks while listening to Nina. Languid and sublime, yes.



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