Friday, June 10, 2016


And what a week it has been.  My man Bernie lost in the California primary.  I saw it coming, but the spirited rallies gave me some hope of an upset.  I'll vote for HRC over Trump, because those are our real choices.  Sure, I could vote for someone else, or a write in, but I'm realistic here.  This is no time to stand by while a fascist gets elected.  Seriously, now.  The shit storm will get real bad if we allow it to.  I'm going to be strategic.  If I want a third party, or a overhauled Democratic party, that's work to continue as we go forward.  Here's what my very savvy step daughter has to say about it:

"To my Bernie friends - I've watched your passion from afar for months now. I love the values that have fed that passion. I'm jealous of ‪#‎feeltheBern‬ and that bird thing. That was so cool. The rallies looked amazing. I join you in the desire for a much better nation, one that cares for the dispossessed, rights historic wrongs, and protects the future. That's why I've been a Hillary supporter: she is smart, hardworking, and wants the same things we want. Do you want to have a beer with her? We'll I'd love to, but some of you might not and that's ok. You can have a beer with me instead and we won't talk about politics!
Now that Hilary has won the California primary and clinched the nomination, I am begging you to bring your passion, enthusiasm, and awesome hashtags in support of her candidacy. She will do an amazing job - and your passion and participation will have effects down the ballot in ways that will enable every branch of government to do what we want them to do: work for the people. I work for the unwanted child of the federal government: I see firsthand everyday the direct effects of our electoral choices. Let's get Hillary into the White House and a Democratic House and Senate. Then we'll get things done. ‪#‎Imwithher‬"

And then we have the Brock Turner thing.  Enough said.

Today marks my last birthday of my fifties.  Cards, gifts, and Facebook greetings are pouring in and that is so much fun.  Birthdays are losing their excitement and emotional punch -- and that's okay.   We're having a family celebration later in the month so everyone can attend.  Steve presented me with concert tickets for Joan Baez in Oakland!  Woot!  The past decade has sped by in so many ways, and makes me even more conscious that so will the next one.  Carpe Diem

I leave you with this quote from Mark Twain:

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."



  1. Good post and how I feel about voting and the work of getting a genuine third party going or making the Democratic party change its ways. I hope for the best with Hillary but just the Supreme Court is enough reason I will be voting for her in November. There is no choice for me.

    love that photo combination :)

  2. Love what your daughter wrote. I'm definitely voting for Hillary. It's too dangerous not to. I'm not a huge fan of hers, but I am a big fan of our country and democratic principles, and I won't leave that in the hands of a psychopath like Trump. Happy birthday to you, my friend. Enjoy every second of it!

  3. I have decided that Trump is a con man if there ever was one, a psychopath for sure. Not just calling him names, that is his diagnosis, trust me, I'm a doctor. Tara beautiful post, agree, thanks.

  4. Kind wishes to you on your birthday and always!


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