Friday, July 1, 2016


There's nothing quite like a trip to Costco to start off the weekend.  We purchased considerably more than this, but this was our first box off the shelf and I thought it was pretty funny looking on that giant slab of a cart.

The grandson is visiting and we had a great day in the inflatable kiddie pool yesterday.  Unfortunately, said pool is on its last legs and now is only holding enough air to support about 2 inches of water.  Leaky valves, I suspect.  So, instead of buying another one, I simply turned the heat down on the hot tub and have turned it into a pool for now.  However, that day in the pool was SO much fun that I'm coveting a real pool someday.  Even an above ground one, I'm not proud.  It was glorious to be floating in cool water while the air temp hovered around 104.  Even a long lap pool would suffice.  Cool water, that's the thing for this summer heat.  Great to be able to go outside in the middle of the day.

We have no plans for the 4th.  Too noisy, too hot, too crowded.  We've seen fireworks before.  Big whoop.  We're happy to skip the road traffic, stay at  home and enjoy each others company.  It's what most people do on vacation, and we get to do it any ol' time we want.

Lest you think we lead a life of leisure, let me remind you we went to Costco today.  And we've been doing yard clean up.  Yuck.  My tendinitis tells me how much I enjoy that crap.  I also did grocery shopping and picked up RXs this morning.  There's vacuuming to be done and a dog to be trimmed.  Last, be certainly not least, there's a little boy who needs our attention, and to whom we are happy to give it.  We spent some time in the hammock while I was watering this morning.  He calls it the "tree bed."  Plus he wants us to build a tree house.  That's not happening.  Blowing up that pool yesterday just about ended our lives.  Imagine what building a tree house would do.  Twice yesterday our play got pretty physical, and I had to remind him to be gentle, because, "I am an old lady."  He said, "You don't LOOK old."  The little Rascal.

Have a great weekend.  Keep cool and stay safe.


  1. We'll try and recall/figure out the price per cap. The cart looked funny with just thus one item, it did't wind up that way unfortunately, pretty sad actually.

    1. but hey, we only got what we NEEDED, right?

  2. Always nice to spend time with the grandkids during the holidays. The 4th of July is so weird. Too much noise and silliness. Someone asked us last month what we do for the 4th, and we said that we mostly hide. It's safer and quieter that way. I like converting the hot tub to a pool for summer. Cool water in the heat. Way to go!

  3. yes, the coolish water in the heat is the living end. I could find my way to a local pool, but then I'd have to wear a suit. Yuck.

  4. Just great to spend time with the grand-children ...
    Good idea to turn the hot-tub into a pool.

    Enjoy your weekend

    All the best Jan


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