Friday, July 15, 2016


I wrote this post an hour or so before I heard about the carnage in Nice, France.  Is there going to be a TGIF in the near future where I don't feel compelled to address the horrors that occur?

Anyway, my grief doesn't help those in Nice.  All I can say is: there are very bad apples in the crate, but they are not the entire load. 

Now, please enjoy our regularly scheduled programming.


There's a 7 day Facebook challenge that my daughter nominated me for.  The challenge is to share a picture a day for 7 days, a picture of your spouse and yourself.

I'm not big on these kinds of Facebook games, but I can't refuse my daughter.  Plus, it's been fun to look back over our brief history together.  The hiking picture was one of our first photos together.  There we are on the far left.

We've had some great times in our mere 3 years together.  Our second wedding anniversary is coming up next month.  Since our marriage, we've traveled to Yosemite, Cuba, Hawaii, Napa Valley, France and Spain.  Not to mention all the fun local trips: a ferry ride from Vallejo to San Francisco, the Tour of California in Sacramento, numerous trips to the Yolo Bypass Wildlife area and the backroads around Davis.  That's a lot of good living packed into a few years.  Carpe Diem.

Have a fun weekend, doing whatever it is you do!  Please remember all the goodness in the world; all the good people in your life.  Take heart.  Courage.

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  1. You two lovebirds are beautiful and so happy! The true balance to the madness of the world, our beating hearts in love.


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