Friday, August 12, 2016


Whhheeeeee.  Friday.

Tonight we celebrate with friends at Thunder Valley Casino.  We're seeing Steve Martin and Martin Short in concert (bluegrass).  I've already been on Google Maps looking at traffic and it's gonna be a bitch.  Friday traffic up to the Sierra, Tahoe, Reno, etc.  Everybody from all points southwest will jam the highway, and at 2 pm it's already happening.  I've got us taking an alternate route which, so far, looks clear.  Fingers crossed.

Daughter was finally able to announce her pregnancy and posted the cutest photo on Face book.  She's a nut, that one, and she doesn't let adult responsibilities stop her from having her fun.  Case in point, her new T-Shirt announcing her pregnancy says "Pregnant A F."  So, we assume it means Adult Female, right?  Nope.  She's adopted the saying from her high school kids and it goes like this "as fuck."  Apparently it can follow any declarative.  Happy As Fuck.  Sad As Fuck.  Whhhheeeeeee.

Old age.  I wouldn't know the latest lingo if it were not for my daughter.  Speaking of age, the mister and I are going to be joining a gym.  We will become Buff. As. Fuck.  Well, maybe.  Mostly we want to have adult play time and increase our strength and stamina.  We've still go a lot of years left in these bodies and wouldn't it be nice to feel as good as possible?  I know that my turning 60 next summer is driving it for me.  Ever damn decade I swear I'm going to start an exercise program.  Every one.  My exercise routines come in fits and starts.  Mostly I give up.

When I hear friends announce they were at the gym and had a great workout, I think, "That could be me.  I could be having a great workout."  Instead, I'm sitting in front of the computer for too damn long, almost every day.  Or sitting and reading.  Or lying in the hammock.   I'll keep up those rigorous routines (snicker) and throw in an hour of exercise to alleviate the guilt.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll grow to like it.  I have heard it said by many an athlete that you don't have to "like" it, just show up for it.  If you wait until you like it, you'll never do it.


Stay tuned.  Film at eleven.

I hope your weekend is wicked awesome AS FUCK.


  1. LOL! I thought the AF was Abercrombie and Fitch. See how cool I am?!

  2. Over here they just leave it blank and say "Happy As..." leaving you to fill in the detail.

  3. AF, sounds like an exclamation point. Got it !!


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