Friday, September 30, 2016


Our Friday was consumed by cleaning out the pantry.  We have an infestation of those blasted pantry moths, and so, all the opened dry goods had to go.  I hate to waste food, and it was painful to toss so much.  Steve disassembled the shelves, we wiped down everything, and tossed so much food that the pantry now looks positively bare.  I suppose now I'll have to buy some air tight containers to store flour, corn meal, cereals and the like.

The other chore today was cleaning out the hot tub.  I ordered replacement filters and they came yesterday.  Wouldn't you know it, they are the wrong size by about a quarter of an inch.  (Slow burn)
I'll try again, and call the company I bought them from.  In the meantime, by beloved oasis of hot water is no more.

Lucy has been diagnosed with another mast cell tumor, this time on her lip.  We are watching and waiting, as there are so many questions unanswered.  The cancer on her stomach two months ago may be from a cancer that is already spread throughout her body.  That was not indicated by the pathology, but how does one explain a new cancer tumor a mere 2 months later?  So, we think and we wait.

Political news is of course depressing.  And so, I've been looking for inspirational stories on Netflix.  Last night I found a great one:  the story of an artist who has been working her entire adult life is 'discovered' when she is in her 90s.  Wheelchair bound, she now relies on assistants to help her with her giant canvases.  Her work is in major American museums now, and she's tickled that recognition has finally come.  Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious.  I adore her.

So much better than domestic challenges.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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