Friday, October 28, 2016


The end of this election cycle can't come soon enough.  And I'm a dope, because every once in awhile I try to constructively engage 'the other side.'  Always a mistake.

Last Wednesday I engaged this woman because I saw some of  her other comments on line and couldn't believe my eyes.  I thought, who is this woman?  So I checked out her FB page.  Always, always, a mistake.

Her posts were so wackadoodle that she appears to be the poster child for the intolerant ultra right wing of the republican party.  What was I thinking?  I'm such a cockeyed optimist. 

And so, how in the hell do we co-exist in this country, together, productively, civilly?  I don't know that we can.  And I'm too tired to figure it out. 

One thing that really gets under my skin about people like this, is they think they are the moral authority in the land.  Help us all if they get their way in this republic.  It's the kind of crap the GOP party leaders have been dishing out for years.  That's why I get so gleeful when yet another one of them is caught with their pants down (literally).  Holier than thou, my arse.  The GOP proclaims to be the party of Family Values, Christian God, etc. etc.  Increasingly, they are the party of whiny little bitches (to use Bill Mahr's phrase).  Duplicitous whiny bitches.  Hypocrites, and to my mind, sometimes even treasonous. 

This country is going liberal, which, in my opinion, is largely the direction it should go.  When HRC is elected, we will have 3 (or 4) Democratic administrations in a row.  And if the Senate and House go to the Dems as well, I say we march boldly forward to get some shit done.

So, yeah, it's Friday.  You didn't come here for a political rant, did you?  I hope you are finding your bliss during this crazy time.  We all need a good dose of it, don't we?  Have a great weekend.


  1. I never talk politics with people I don't know. I try not to talk about it with people I do know. It's not a pleasant topic these days. We humans are really such a mess. I'm pretty sad about the world and I grieve for our planet.

  2. I know these idiots have always been around. But this election cycle has given them free rein.

    I've become sort of a believer of a modified Timothy Leary theory. Except I think it should be done without drugs.
    Turn on: go within to activate your neural and genetic equipment
    Tune in: interact harmoniously with the world around you
    Drop Out: be more self-reliant, discover your singularity, commit to change

    Well, maybe some pot would help.

    1. Ha! It may soon be legal in California. I love a little whiskey, myself.

  3. I've tried to communicate a different viewpoint, not even convince someone but just that there are other ways to see something. It rarely worked. Being an independent, who sees things differently than either side of the partisan divide, doesn't help...

    1. Yes, well, reason doesn't seem to play a big part in a lot of people's dialogue about national politics. Politics, like most everything else, is more nuanced than most people are.


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