Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Musings

(notice the speed here)
My delightful weekend with daughter and her family ended badly, as I was stuck on the dreaded and predictably impassable Hwy 17 in the Santa Cruz mountains for 2 hours yesterday afternoon.  The storms have been hammering the mountains and brought down power lines along the road.  And now, today, there is a large rock and mud slide exactly where we were stranded yesterday.  Knowing those mountains the way I do, I was wondering (while trapped on that ribbon of highway) what could we possibly do if the rocks and mud came down while we were sitting there?  We'd be toast.  From the video I saw this morning (California CHP), one van was toast.  My son in law drives that road to work.  As do thousands of others each day.  I can't imagine how long it will take to clear this slide, but there aren't any alternative routes for most commuters.  During the Loma Prieta earthquake, rock slides blocked the highway for a long time.  We were cut off, and relied on helicopters to get supplies in.

So I laughed when my husband suggested they 'fix that road.'  They've been fixing it since 1940.  They will be fixing it until hell freezes over, and perhaps after.

 Though ending badly, the weekend was special -- my daughter's 29th birthday, and the next day her baby shower for child #2, a girl.  The kids have great friends, many from childhood, and it's always fun to catch up and see what they are doing.  There were many many babies there.  More babies in one room than at any time since I was in a group for new moms!  These kids are gettin' busy with the family thing.  

It's exciting to see them at this stage in their lives, starting out, as it were, the world their oyster.  I'm too tired to envy it, I'm just glad I got through it.  More power to them.

When I finally got home last night, I took a  hot shower and opened the box my sister sent.  I knew it had come, and I was very excited because it contained 5 pussy hats for the Women's March.  How sweet of  her to knit them for my friends and me.  Generous.  Loving.  I will carry her with me at the march.

It's fast approaching, and I am flying out soon.  Doing my preparation and homework to ensure a smooth experience.  I'm marching with a group of Wellesley women, how cool is that?  Why, you ask?  Why would a  true blue Banana Slug do that?  Because that's who I'm  hangin' with, that's why.

Each passing day of this presidential transition just increases my need to march against this fakakta regime.  The Cheeto's tweets today about Meryl Streep are just the latest, daily, unrelentingly stupid things this moron says. 

And that's Monday for you.


  1. That was quite an ordeal on Highway 17 yesterday, and how much worse it would have been today. Oy. That highway can be a true traffic nightmare. The birthday/baby shower celebration looked grand. Such a nice celebration. And now on to Washington to shout the protests against the maniac. The insanity looms like a brewing storm I'm not sure we'll be able to fully weather. I am so grateful that you are going to DC.

    1. when I'm in the freezing snow I may rethink the wisdom of this action, but oh well! The cost of freedom. I am going to attempt to Live FB from the March!

  2. Sorry to hear about the traffic....glad you made your way safely home! I love babies!! Mazel on the newest grandchild. Thank you for marching for us all. I will keep sending positive vibes for your safety.

    1. Thank you, Kate. I hope it is an organized and safe affair, but I hear there is a possibility of agitators disrupting things. Hopefully not, as this is being billed as a family friendly gathering.

  3. You look fantastic in your pussy hat. I will be marching down here in Los Angeles, but I haven't knit myself a hat, yet. I guess I have time? And I'm glad to hear that no one was hurt in all that rain you experienced up north. It's so crazy, right? And to be expected with climate change stuff. If I don't speak to you before then, safe travels back east!

  4. Goodness, sorry to read about that traffic, glad you got home ok.
    Hat looks good and I like the colour too!

    Good wishes for 2017

    All the best Jan


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