Friday, April 27, 2018


Happy Friday, all!

It's been a busy week: dinner with family and friends, working on details of remodeling our new apartment, dealing with broken ipad and 27" iMac.  The iMac was mysteriously damaged on the top, as if hit by a hard object.  The screen is shattered in a 3 inch semi circle with the long cracks radiating right and left.  It's an absolute mystery.  There is nothing that could have fallen on it.  And I found it upright, not fallen over.  Nothing around it.  It was fine when I went to bed the night before.  Husband knows nothing.

A complete mystery.  Did someone break in?  I have no fookin clue.  Poltergeist? Perhaps.

And my iPad?  The on/off switch is stuck in place.  Cannot turn the damn thing on.  I'll take both into the Apple store next week when I get back from my short trip to Colorado.  What a mess.

On the upside, I have a new camera and I've been actually reading the manual.  Taking pictures to see what it can do.  It's a Leica V-Lux and a gift from my husband.

A fixed lens 25 - 400 zoom, 2.8.  Very light (I require light) and many bells and whistles that I am in the process of discovering (hence the manual reading).

The news of the world continues to upset me.  I am  heartened, however, that on the same day, Bill Cosby was found guilty, and the guy who has been raping and murdering people in California since 1976 has been caught by DNA matching.  This guy was living in a town about an hour from where we live.  Imagine.  He's 72 and Cosby is 80.  I hope they both spend the rest of their lives in a prison cell.

But, ahem, I'll move on.

Last night we attended the opening of an art exhibit, right here in our building.  We have some talented painters among us.  Wine and cheese greased the wheels as we walked up and down the hallway admiring the paintings and schmoozing with our friends.  In the fall there will be a photography exhibit, and you know we'll be submitting work.

This morning I attended a breakfast for new residents.  A congenial group, we sat with the various mangers that keep this place running, and met some of the newest residents -- some even newer than we are!  The place is full up now,  when only a few months ago there were 15 available apartments.  So, a whole new crop.

So, all in all, life is pretty good.  Gotta grab the good stuff while you can, right?

Hope you grab some good stuff this weekend!


  1. seems like the new camera is a hit. We move again in about a month. re the computer ?, re the ipad first it could not be turned off, now it can't be turned on. wtf

  2. Interesting about that shattered screen. Mmmm...that's a mystery that may remain unsolved. I love that you got a new camera. So much to learn, but what fun! It's very cool that you are loving your new place. It does sound like a good place to meet interesting and inspiring people.

  3. Thanks for the fun update! I look forward to seeing what you shoot with your new camera!


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