Friday, May 18, 2018


I have been very sick for two weeks.  Today is markedly better: sinuses flowing, lungs more clear, ears don't ache and I have more energy.  Finally.  Though not having any fever, the last 3 nights have been filled with fantastical fever dreams.  The first two nights brought nightmares, but last night an inspirational dream that goes like this:

I’ve been levitating for a long time – years.  Here and there.  Always when by myself.  I get a tingle of energy in my legs and arms first, and command myself to rise and it happens.  I rise effortlessly, free from the constraints of earthly gravity.  I start off slowly, then build my confidence and rise even higher, to the ceiling, around the rafters, from corner to corner.  I summersault mid air or speed into a streamlined path straight across a vast space, turning from the wall at the last minute.  I can’t explain it.    I don’t know why, I just do it.  It’s safer and I’m more peaceful performing this in doors.  But I have also done it in wide open spaces out of doors.  It’s just more risky out there: the limitless sky calling to me, held back only by the  fear that I could fall from great heights.

Yesterday, however, people were visiting.  Neighbors, acquaintances, no one of any consequence, really.  I started to rise, almost caught myself in self-consciousness, then decided “what the  heck” and continued to rise, astonishing my guests.  I nonchalantly told them this was normal, and then demonstrated some of my more flamboyant moves.  I looked down at the four people, mouths agape, eyes popped wide open, and I felt a surge of pride at my special talent to inspire and amaze.

Later in the day, I opened the mail and read that I had won an essay contest.  I had written an  article on the life and times of two great people who spent their lives in social justice movements, each coming at their work from different viewpoints, but each valid and effective.  We don’t  have to see things the same way in order to accomplish common goals.  We can dance to the beat of our own drummer and do what moves us at our core. 

The prize for this contest was $250,000 and an invitation to speak at the Lotus Convention in Singapore.  I was thunderstruck, immediately calling a few friends to spread the news!  “I will be joining world leaders in peace work, human rights, and spiritual practice.  We will devise a curriculum for the conference, and facilitate workshops for thousands of people!”  The prize, the money, the opportunity for teaching, all represented the ultimate in freedom for me.  The freedom to move about, unencumbered, to fulfill my passion, to spread knowledge and yes, joy, to others.

It was within this state of bliss that I began to rise in the air, out of doors, suddenly aware of bright orbs in the bright blue sky, and a large gathering of people below.  The orbs were burning bright and slowly separating into five round suns in a sky streaked with rainbows and luminous rays of light from each sun as they moved to their positions in the sky.  I shouted out, “What is this?!  Five suns?!”  and from below came shouts of “It is the day of enlightenment, when the five suns appear, it was foretold!” 

“Is this because of me?  Is this what I was meant for?  To be an instrument in the enlightenment?”  It all sounded pretty insane, let me tell you.  It was happening before my eyes, and yet how could it be?  Was I experiencing a massive delusion or could this really be?

It was like a fever dream, yet it was real.  How could anything be ‘normal’ again?  What kind of life would I live from this point on?

A ceremony was held to anoint me.  Men in silk robes placed jewelry on my arms and hands:  a bright green stone that sparkled like the night sky was my favorite, and my choice.  That, and only that, was the jewelry I would wear.  I was dizzy with excitement, and understood that this was a runaway train that could carry me far from home if I were not mindful and deliberate in my actins to remain humble at my core.  Frequently the downfall of great leaders, I would endeavor to wrestle with my pride.  It was essential to my mission to keep myself free of corrupt influences, both material and spiritual.

The choices were simple, really.  What else could I want, other than what had been given?  I had the gift of enlightenment, and required nothing else but to spread that joy to all who wanted it.  It is possible to experience joy on earth, in this very body, with simple (perhaps meager) accoutrement. 

That is the plan.

Wild, or what?  I woke up energized.  I woke up wondering if I was going a bit nuts.  I woke up half way believing I could fly.  Then I laughed and rose to start my day.

Happy Friday to you!  We can be inspirational without the gift of flight.  But wouldn't it be fun?


  1. I'm suddenly reminded that I used to have levitating dreams but seem to have grown out of them. Now when you say "and ROSE to start my day"......????

    1. rose in the old fashioned way, dont you know

  2. Quite a dream! Something in you is clearly feeling even better that usual (-:

    Energy is eternal delight (William Blake)


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