Friday, May 25, 2018


Interesting stuff going down this week: 

Weinstein is finally formally charged with rape.

Phillip Roth is dead.  Crap.

The NFL is muzzling free speech for its players.  Will they get away with it?

I'm still -- slowly -- reading Here on the Edge, about the internment camp for contentious objectors on the Oregon coast.

I'm still -- slowly -- getting over my 3 week cold.  Coughing fits are occurring less often.  My appetite has come roaring back (boo).

Our High School Marching band is going to be performing in our neighbor later this afternoon.  I'll try and get some photos to share.

Living Room
The remodel on our new apartment is coming along.  We were showing it off last night to friends who had come for dinner.  The cabinets for the kitchen and baths are gorgeous -- well worth the expense, given that we will be living there for at least a decade (gulp!).  The place has been gutted, much to the surprise of our friends.  Oh yes, when they do a remodel they really do it.   It's fun to watch it get deconstructed and re-made according to our plans.  And it will be great when it is done and we can move in.  I'm really tired of living with unpacked boxes stacked in every room.

Guest bath (deep tub!)

Guest bedroom/office

I'm excited for the future in our new nest.  Our living room looks out on the rose garden.  We are right on the little road (10 mph) but above ground level just enough to give us some privacy.  Cloth shades that we move from above or below will complete the privacy picture, while still letting in ample light.  The hubs will have his own small office, and I have carved out a closet in the guest bedroom for my office.  They are making it into an alcove since there is another clothes closet in the room.  It will suit me just fine.

We also had dinner this week with a couple who live here whom we've wanted to get to know.  He is a photographer and she is a painter (oils).  Both serious artists whose body of work is substantial.  Each have had shows in San Francisco, where they used to live.  They have a great retirement story:  when they did it, they moved out of their house, put everything in storage, and traveled the world for nine whole months.  Imagine!  It's tempting (if we could take the dogs).  Hop on a cruise line and go.


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  1. The times we are living in are so weird I can hardly grasp the extent of the ongoing disasters. We are truly living on the verge of a dystopia. And is so wonderful to watch that new apartment take the shape you want. Shades the draw up and down are the best. We have them here and love it. Ah life.


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