Friday, September 28, 2018


Too much to process.

I had my computer hacked a week ago but I was lucky.  I shut it down and called my sis, who has access to a brilliant young computer nerd who came and worked magic.  Found their entry point, set up security protocols and did it all in under 2 hours.  Everything is up and running even better than before.

It did make me wonder, though, if using a computer and the internet for all my business (banking, bill paying, legal, etc) was such a risky business that I just shouldn't do it.  But I'm not ready to return to the 20th century on this.  We're all in it, and if systems go down, we are all entirely out of luck.  That's the risk and reward aspect of our modern technological life.

And the hearings?  Well, seems as if everything that could be said has been said, and I'm too emotionally exhausted to rehash it all on this blog.  Let me just say that I am SO glad the Democrats walked out of the subcommittee meeting today.  And so glad they held a press conference.  It seems to have influenced the POS POTUS to finally, finally, ask for an FBI investigation of Blasey-Ford's allegations.  Don't know all the details yet, but I'm sure the PBS News Hour will clear it up for me.

But gosh.  How exhausting is this?  Every woman I know personally is reeling. 

Hoping for a Blue and Pink wave in November.

Still working out heart and head health issues.  The hunt continues for the culprit.  I'm physically exhausted from both.  I spent 3 hours in an MRI tube yesterday having my heart looked at.  I'm comfortable enough in the tube, but this particular test involved holding the breath frequently while the pictures were being made.

Chaos within and without these days.

At the Big House tonight, we're having an Oktoberfest dinner extravaganza.  Not particularly a fan of all that bratwurst and German fare, but it's free food.  Well, not really free.  We pay for it.  But if it means not cooking, I'm in.

Waiting for true autumnal weather. Not here yet.  I looked out the window hopefully today as it looked windy and cloudy and I thought - perhaps - we might experience a little wet miracle.  Alas, no.

Hope you are finding your way through this mess and making a little nest of comfort somewhere, somehow.

Victoria, BC, Canada 2016


  1. Sending love to you as you rest and conserve your energy during these exhausting times on so many levels for so many people.

    Your exquisite photo taken in Victoria in 2016 is a sweet reminder that there is a spectrum of colors that can be seen this time of year in the Pacific Northwest. The Steller's Jays bring their dark blue into the picture.

    1. Saturday: thank you. I slept most of today, when I wasn't reclining and watching art shows on PBS. Still feel as if I got hit by a Mack truck! I need this fixed pronto.

      I have many very colorful photos of Butchart Gardens on our fall trip up there. A soggy day with lots of saturated color.

  2. I often wonder about our computers and how vulnerable we are. I don't do any banking on mine, but Roger does on his. I guess that's what the modern world is all about. Makes me think we should have a dedicated computer strictly for business stuff, which stays turned off 99% of the time and does not access any social or news sites. Mmm? That might work. Hope you find some answers for you all the health issues. With all this modern technology, there should be something that will help find the cause and the cure. Been thinking of you. Rain main be on the way after all. I'm hoping!

    1. Saturday: I'm beyond thinking of any good solutions to the computer problem. Not that savvy anyway, but these areas of breach are completely beyond me.

  3. Lovely photograph! When I had my first MRI, I was told that I would need to hold my breath occasionally. What they failed to tell me was that the instructions would come from the unit itself and not from the people in the room. Scared the bejeezus out of me. I feared that HAL had taken over.

    I do not "let" my husband order anything Online or use my laptop or check the bank statements and it came to the point that I actually had to delete his email account. Yes, he is THAT careless.

  4. Hello, I went by to say hello, since I've been disconnected from everything for a long time. As always I love your work. That I still think that they are not chapucillas, but great works. A kiss.


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