Monday, October 22, 2018

Monday Musings

The sounds of silence.  We need it.

It is something I crave, especially in the mornings.  I wake up slowly, drink coffee, read the news, check my Face book and email.  My husband still doesn't  understand this about me, even though I have been beating that drum for all the time we have been together.  I often wake to the sounds of a soccer game, a football game, the Tour de France blaring on the t.v.  When I go into the living room, he is not even there!  He's in his study.  I turn the sound down and fume.  I knew it would be a challenge to live in a small apartment together, given our different sensibilities here.  Sigh.

Last night we watched a story on Moab, Utah, and concerts that are given there, a hearty trek into the stone walls of a natural amphitheater.   
Just watching the piece was heavenly, and though I'd like to experience it in person, I'm not likely to. But I can imagine, and what a sweet imagining it is. It reminds me of another natural amphitheater that I was lucky enough to hike to, many times, when I was in my late teens and backpacking with friends. The Pine Ridge trail is a favorite of backpackers in the Ventana Wilderness, and only for the truly fit and rugged individual. Ah, but the silence. It was always grand. That, and the stars at night. 

Deep, deep silence all around.



  1. Some years ago I worked part-time leading groups of walkers in some of Britain's more remote and beautiful parts. Sometimes I would stop and ask everyone to listen, there were usually some sounds - the wind, running water, birdsong - but many were surprised to find how different the experience of the outdoors was without constant conversation. I really enjoyed the video, thanks very much.

  2. We have the same morning routine here, quiet, read the news online, check facebook and email. Quiet, sip our tea and have our toast. Quiet. I didn't see the video. No link, no image. Mmm?

  3. Thank you for the renewing time experiencing Moab and the Ventana Wilderness secondhand. I needed that. I understand about the need for silence. It is hard to find in our culture. As I write this, it is occurring to me why I go to sleep between 6:30 and 8:00 p.m. wearing ear plugs and wake up at 4 a.m. The only time it is truly quiet, even living alone as I do, is in the very early morning hours. I treasure that quiet time when so few people are awake. The stars can shine brightly at that hour on the occasions when there isn't a cloud cover here.


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