Friday, February 28, 2020

Choral and Crickets

I attended a lovely choral concert last weekend. The Ars Nova Singers are based in Boulder, Colorado, and sing all over the United States. I wish there were a video of the concert we heard, as it was magical, divine and deeply moving. It was Music of the Renaissance: The Earthquake Mass. It was performed inside a church with exquisite acoustics, and when I closed my eyes I envisioned the night sky filled with stars and celestial bodies. It was a peaceful and inspiring concert.

I loved it so much, as did my friend. As we were warming up the car, she played some music for me. I adored it. She told me what it was. See if you can guess.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. It must have been awe-inspiring to hear that live inside a church. Truly beautiful, Tara.

  2. What an experience that must have been. I remember hearing something similar in Ely Cathedral many years ago - and they were only practising! Who knew that crickets sang so beautifully?

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