Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Re-entry Challenge

You know things are getting bad when you can't even remember the name of the blog you started fifteen years ago. And by "you" I mean me, of course. It scared me, this not remembering. I had to go to another blog which lists mine in order to remember. Have you had your vaccine? I expect to get an appointment any day now, as Colorado has lowered the age group to 60 plus. I have received a letter from my medical group affirming that I am in the eligible age group and they will be contacting me soon. I'm overjoyed that these vaccines may get us back to near-normal by the summer, but also kind of freaking out at the idea socializing. Has this fear taken a hold of you? Do you have a lot to get back to? Grandkids, the gym, hanging out with friends? I did stop in at a neighbor's house yesterday. I wore my mask and she's been vaccinated. It was surreal to sit in someone else's living room, chatting and catching up. Surreal.
I note that I am feeling overwhelmed, probably because my lack of social interaction. I have to do a lot of positive self-talk in order to take care of simple tasks. I haven't been reading blogs, or posting myself, because it's just TOO MUCH. I dreamt last night that I suddendly remembered I had a long abandoned apartment in Boston, so I hopped a plane and went there to settle up with the landlord. I had not paid rent in a long while, and I owed $13,000 in order to get my things out of that tiny studio apartment, a place I had completely forgotten I had. It was so sparsley furnished that I didn't care if all my stuff just stayed there. Of course I paid my back rent, being the honest type that I am. I know the dream was a rehash of my current state of entropy. I woke up, dazed, and fell back against the pillows to ponder my state of being. No epiphanies there. I'm curious about your state of being now that we are hopefully coming out of a year-long hybernation (banning a fourth wave, of course)? Are you doing anything to slowly (or quickly) reintegrate yourself? Any and all ideas welcomed! And I apologize for not reading your blog. My brain is fogged. It took a pandemic to disrupt so many years of blogging. Go figure.


  1. I love that you are blogging again, Tara! It is so good to read your words here and reconnect in this online world. We are living in a very challenging time. I think we'll be wearing masks for quite a bit longer, even after most of the population has been vaccinated. There are so many medical unknowns still. But just having even this first vaccine has made me feel safer. Roger had his second and is fine. I'm looking forward to more posts here, Tara. Welcome back!

    1. Thanks, Robin. Not going to promise to do it weekly, but we'll see.

  2. Good to hear from you, Tara. Love seeing the Colorado sky through your eyes.

    No kidding. Re-entry is going to be a challenge for many of us.

  3. Nice to see you Tara. I fear I am going to miss having an excuse to just stay home.


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