Thursday, November 4, 2021

Roasted Chicken a la Bob

I had quite a satisfactory day yesterday.  Such is the life of a 64 year old retiree...if I can have a satisfactory day then I am pleased.

I received a letter in the mail from a dear friend of 40 years.  She is such a good writer; we met in creative writing classes in college.  She wrote about the service for her much older brother, on a remote and rugged island in the Puget Sound.  Her sense of place is extraordinary and made me feel as if I were there with her, standing shoulder to shoulder.  How I wish she would write a novel.

I swept the front patio, buried under a good two feet of leaves.  Seems as if all the leaves in the neighborhood end up at my front door. The day was warm, sunny and bright, and my dog Lucy sunbathed on the lawn as I did my work.  It was a joy to be in the fresh autumn air, working up a bit of a sweat.

Inside, I had a whole chicken roasting in the oven with onions, carrots, and small potatoes.  The aroma wafted out the screen door and into the neighborhood.  Any passerby would notice that something good was cooking.  And good it was.  Lucy was served her fair share.

I ran into my friend Elizabeth as she slowly, painstakingly made her way to the mailboxes.  She is legally blind, and has had many scary health scares of late.  She can be cranky, but who can blame her?  Today she said, "This is not the life I expected!"  I responded, "Yeah, this is not what you signed up for, is it?"  "Damn right."

I made a foray into the land of Medicare Advantage plans, on-line.  I'll be 65 next year, so I'm trying to plan.  I was horrified to see how much my plans will cost, and it's because I am on many prescription drugs.  Holy smokes!  Higher premiums, lower deductibles, substantial out of pocket was a dizzying experience! How the hell is anyone supposed to figure this stuff out?  I left it after an hour to catch my breath and move on to something less stressful.  I'll get back to it.

After dinner I was watching a 2004 60 minutes interview with a then 63 year old Bob Dylan.  He was cogent and engaging, which is not what I expect from him, given is dislike of the media, and his history of messing with reporters who asked him questions.  I don't know much about the man's life, but he talked some about his wife Sara, for whom he wrote Sara, and Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands. Naturally, I went on to view videos of these songs on Youtube.  He talked about being divinely inspired, with the songs flowing through him.  I know of what he speaks -- some of my best poetry was divinely inspired.  It was effortless to write, as if it was all planned ahead of time and I was just the instrument.  It's a magical and glorious experience.

So ended my day.  A good one.  I hope for more of the same.


  1. What a wonderful day you had there, Tara. Where in the Puget Sound does your friend live? It's so beautiful there. I think I may go find that 60 Minute interview with Bob Dylan. It'll be a good way to spend a rainy afternoon.

    1. Her brother lived on Waldron and sister on Lummi. Waldron has a dirt airstrip and she took a small prop plane to get there. No electrical but solar, and very primitive but pristine.

  2. A simple satisfactory day can be a joy. That's what I've come to understand. Good food is such an important part of a good day. I find that there is always something challenging, even on the best of days! Thank you for writing about your day.

    Speaking of Sara, here's a compilation of clips of Sara from "Renaldo and Clara." Sara played the part of "Clara" and Bob Dylan played "Renaldo." Other people played the parts of Bob Dylan and Sara. It is not always easy to know which woman is the real Sara because some of the other women in the film resemble her from a distance or under low light. Sara is a sad-eyed lady and so much more, that's for certain.

    I found this interesting, too:

    1. thank you for the links. I found the article very interesting. I love equation of Dylan to Bach. Both their works really do channel the universal consciousness.

  3. When will your birthday be? I shall soon have to make the same investigative foray. I'm dreading it. Your day sound absolutely perfect, really, no highs or lows, just acknowledgement and appreciation of what is.


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