Monday, September 2, 2013

Morning Rituals

Long gone, for me, is the morning ritual of hitting the snooze button a gazillion times, rolling out of bed and into a hot shower determined to 'wake up' and hit the highway to my stressful job.  Gone are the triple shot lattes required to put my brain in gear and feel excited about the day.

(This is an appropriate Labor Day post, me thinks.)

Half way into the morning I would meet the real workers of the university, the carpenters, window washers, landscapers, electricians, and we would have our coffee break out on the plaza.  We would make snarky remarks about how some students were attired.  We appreciated the beautiful among them.  It was no secret that I am a lesbian, so I joined in the time-honored male ritual of verbally (but quietly) appreciating the beauties who sauntered by.  It was a refreshing highlight of my day, to hang out with these men and feel completely at home with them.  Being in the building trade myself, albeit at a managerial level, I gleaned useful information from them about the work in the trenches.  We got work done, not behind closed doors, but in the morning sun of the Quarry Plaza.

Fast forward to today.  I wake up when I wake up (usually around 7 or 8).  I put on some relaxing music, make my coffee, feed the dog and get some good cuddling time in.  I check my e-mail, maybe light some incense, take the dog out for her morning ritual in the grass.  (I have to tell you, a hummingbird just about flew in through my front door right now.)  Shower and dress when I bloody well want to.

Schedules and appointments do intervene at times, and it's those mornings that I remember well the harried pace of my former life.  And I sigh out of gratitude for what is my life now.    The wider world is not often sane.  A sane person could not watch the evening news without sobbing.  We are torn apart by a deadening materialistic culture that makes outrageous demands on our time, our soul.  Staying centered is a challenge.

I know I am greatly privileged.  I have support systems in place to enable my simpler existence.  I have arranged it this way, by my own herculean efforts, my family, and the sheer good grace of the universe.  Had I had it in me at the time, I could have incorporated some of this good self-care into my daily rituals while working. 

I invite you to find a way to make your mornings simple, happy islands of joy in your harried day.  Haters gonna hate, shit is going to happen, that inattentive driver is going to plough into the back of your car on the interstate.  How are you going to stay sane?

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  1. My mornings are early (I run at 530) and busy (I prep 2 kids for school), but at 9am I walk the dog, and that's my meditation before tackling my work.


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