Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday Musings (On Dreaming)

I had quite the odd dream last night that stayed with me long after I awoke.  My friend Robin and I were staying at a hotel in Florida (which is odd, because Robin doesn't travel by air).  We got into the elevator to go to the pool and the elevator got stuck.  Being the only two in the box, we joked and laughed and knew that at some point we would be extricated.   And indeed we were.  When we stepped out, however, the hotel was completely rearranged and we had a hell of a time finding our rooms.  Half naked in our swim suits, with our towels, every place we went just seemed to get us more confused and lost.  People were looking at us a little bit strangely.

Turns out, we had been stuck in this elevator for nineteen years!  We called home, to notify family we were okay, and people were dumb struck.  They figured we'd died all those years ago.  Then, the looks on their faces when reunited: utter shock.  We were frozen in time while they had all aged appropriately.  Some strange catastrophe had occurred on earth, and most people had deathly white  faces and their eyes looked to be glazed with cataracts.   We had, by a simple twist of fate, escaped this world wide disaster.

What an odd and eerie dream. 


  1. Weird dream! But my first impression was that it's a testament to your long friendship with Robin, and how enduring that has been. You know one another's stories; have shared laughs and wisdom and caring. Even when you live distances apart, that sharing has continued, even as some other relationships have changed.

  2. I hope I'm the Robin in the dream. Although, to be perfectly honest that dream scares the sh*t out of me. Nineteen years in a elevator? Oy gevult. You do know I'm claustrophic, right?

    1. yes! but you were cool, cuz in 'our time' it only took a couple of hours to be freed.

  3. Quite a dream, Tara.

    Have you ever seen Blast From The Past? There is a running joke about an elevator (-:

    A family comes up out of an elevator from a bomb shelter where they have been hiding since the 1960s. They don't realize immediately how much time has passed. The comic version of your dream?


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