Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I'll Get There. Someday.

I am soooo easily distracted.  I vowed to straighten up the guest room/my office today.  On the way I

made coffee
emptied the dishwasher
watered the yard
fed the dogs
made breakfast
soaked in the hottub
got dressed
tried to nap
took my daily meds
played with photos on the computer

and then, then, I made it to the guest room where, in order to clean up I needed some good music.  So I got on Amazon, was told I needed to update my Firefox and Flashplayer, did that, searched for the music I wanted to buy (the new album by Neko Case, Laura Veirs and kd lang), purchased that with one-click, forgot all about playing music and why I'm actually here in this room.  (Remember to gather photos together for dad's book today.)  Then I realized why I am here, I was looking to play some music, some simple tunes, to boost my spirits while I straighten up this damn room.

So...what'll it be?  Going to go with my Genius Jazz mix.  Ok.  I'm going to go DO IT.  RIGHT NOW.

Right after I post this:


  1. Love this post! I recognize that behavior. Being retired with all this leisure time lets the hours spread out like ripples in a pond. Ah, I may get to this or that project sometime, but oh wait look at that... I bet the office is done by now!

    1. Mostly done. I had to leave dor parents house.

  2. I resemble that.... in such a big way.

  3. Love the music you listened to just before you started working on your guest room/office project. Music can get us back on track. That's for sure!

    Flowers on the hillside, blooming crazy ....


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