Friday, August 5, 2016


We've made it to another Friday.  Mostly by avoiding any news other than The News Hour, and by taking a lovely trip to the Napa Valley for a couple of days.  We stayed with friends, drank great wine, ate spectacular food, walked through beautiful country.  The air was cooler than what we are used to, and to say it was refreshing is a supreme understatement!

Today is our second wedding anniversary and we began the celebration by driving north to the Zinnia patch to cut flowers for ourselves and for gifting to a local retirement community.  That's the deal with this patch -- you can cut flowers for free.  You just need to share with someone who could really use your tender attention.  Everybody wins.  All are happy.  We brought them home, I cut some greenery from the yard and prepared some vases to deliver later today when we go out food shopping.  Don't you just love Zinnias?  The season is long, they last a long time after cutting, and they are some of the most cheerful looking blooms around.

Tonight we will dine at our favorite, Osteria Fasulo, and take an bottle of Zin Reserve we brought home from Chase Cellars this week.  Chase Cellars' vineyard has been in the family for a hundred years, in St. Helena, and is currently run by Katie.  Alisa was our gracious hostess and took us through the vineyard to taste grapes.  The vines are currently heavy with them.  They grow all their own grapes, and they have made a spectacular rose that is perfect for drinking right now.  They are a small enterprise, and a tasting there is not to be missed if you're in the area.  The family history is rich and it was a real pleasure to hear Alisa tell it.

We mused with our friends that being in the Napa Valley is an experience not unlike being in Provence, Italy or Spain.  Beautiful vistas, first class restaurants, fabulous wine.  And only a short drive away.  Every time we go there and dine, we come home exceedingly happy.  And the wine?  Did I mention the wine?  Stellar.

I would like to invite all my readers and friends to come for a visit some day.  We'll take you there.  You will love it.  Cheaper than Europe, for sure.  And maybe, just maybe, just as delightful.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful journey. Love knowing that St. Helena reminded you of Provence, Italy or Spain. That's so cool, and here it is just a short drive away. Truly a delight. Happy anniversary to you two!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Love the portrait of S! The love story you share is a treasure! Love Napa Valley!

    Love waits forever, for one and for all (Bob Dylan, lyrics from "Beyond the Horizon")


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