Monday, July 22, 2019

Monday Musings

Health. Or disease. Sheesh. I have more than my share of disease of late.  I'm doing a lot of medical testing, and the latest Dexa scans show that, in four years, my osteopenia in my lower spine and left hip has morphed into significant osteoporosis.  I have yet to consult with my doctor, I've just received the news today.  I have much research to do.

I had my parathyroid glands scanned again today to pinpoint the size and location of the growth that is on one of them.  It's of significant size and will need to be surgically removed.  It also seems there are growths on my thyroid which will need to be biopsied. 

My weight loss journey continues, and I have worked diligently for 52 days for a mere 6 lbs loss.  Better than nothing, but....

It's all getting to be too much, and boring all at the same time.  Yawn.

I'm getting a two week break this week and flying to Colorado to visit the grand kids.  The doctors will do their consulting and surgery scheduling and I can keep in touch on-line.  Meanwhile, I will hope for good days that are relatively pain free so I can enjoy my family and friends on my vacation.

The husband and I had a good talk today about the shock and denial that can come with serious diagnosis of disease.  I mean, I've had diabetes for 28 years and sometimes I still throw a fit and/or pity party about all the adjustments this disease requires.  He, on the other hand, has been healthy his entire life, and then gets a diagnosis of Parkinson's.  Still trying to wrap his head around that one.  And THAT stupid disease just keeps throwing curve balls at him which require re-evaluation and adjustment.  

So, with all this news, let me say, I'm working on keeping my spirits up.  With movies, books, and silly things like this:

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think; just believe that everything will work out in the end.


  1. Health problems never even-handed in whom they choose to afflict. I hope you are able to get your issues sorted out soon.

  2. Hope the trip to Colorado is as uplifting as high as your heart can soar. It will be good to relax and take a break, and then deal with the health issues upon your return. Take care and have a safe and wonderful journey.

  3. Have a great time visiting in Colorado. I'm sure the grandchildren will take your mind off your worries. Have a wonderful trip.

    1. thanks! I plan on being bathed in love and laughter for two weeks!


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