Friday, July 19, 2019


Especially now, with the current President's rampant racism. It's important to remember that once upon a time, our President sang "Amazing Grace." Leave it to Joan Baez to bring us such soulful music about very hard times. It's a sad and frightening time, my friends. I weep most every day with the frustration that comes with watching the country you love disintegrate into bedlam. All needless and avoidable if those who hate could somehow come to see the light. I rely upon my friends, and uplifting music, and the arts, and CBW Sunday Morning. No kidding! I'm also reading dystopian science fiction, which suits my mood right now. What keeps your head above the stinking cesspool?


  1. We walk 3 or 4 miles a day always looking for something beautiful to catch our attention. We pick zucchini and kale from the garden. We mutter expletives at you know who and laugh at his utter ignorance, and then we weep.

  2. I own every one of Joan Baez's albums and have an extensive playlist of her on my iPod. I get away from it all by watching the birds, listening to music and podcasts, and reading. I never watch the news, only what turns up on the Internet. And only in very small doses or headlines.

  3. Listening to Mavis Staples! Thank you for another opportunity to do that!


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