Thursday, March 19, 2020

Music for our Planet

The Philadelphia Orchestra has shuttered its doors in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lead by Conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin, their final performance was livestreamed for more than half a million viewers at home. He spoke with Terry Gross, on Fresh Air radio program, about the unusual performance and how music comforts us in troubling times. I was struck by this man's eloquent words, that often times moved the show's host profoundly.

I was driving around Fort Collins in the snow, (yes, snow on the first day of spring!)  listening to the interview.  I had to get out of the house - first time in two weeks - and tour around town.  There was still car traffic out, but not many people walking on the streets, and most everything was closed tight.  Our food Co-op, tiny as it is, was open, but I dare not go in. Opened in 1972 (as so many co-ops were) it occupies a small building in the heart of the old town.  When this craziness has passed, I'll go back and do a little shopping.

By the way, NBC news had a piece on how you should handle, literally handle, food brought to you by restaurants.  Many people are supporting their favorite eateries by ordering take-out or delivery.  Key: get the food out of the packaging, discard packaging (preferably in your outside trash can) and then wash your hands thoroughly before eating your food.  They also recommended microwaving the food before eating it.

And, now, on to the performance.  This piece deserves attention and time, so if you don't have those two things now, come back when you do.  You will be most glad.  It's beautiful and uplifting, and I certainly needed to hear it for the joy it brought to me.  Be well, my friends.

There is an introduction and a commissioned piece of music, which is timely as it turns out, then Beethoven's 5th & 6th symphony.


  1. O thank you! It's nearly 1 a.m. I listened to the introduction and am looking forward listening to the rest after I get some sleep. It would be good to listen to while I work on the current mandala.

  2. I'm making a serious attempt to work my way through listening to some of the classical repertoire during this period of unexpected peace and tranquility and Beethoven's 5th is certainly on that list. Some things I haven't listened to properly for years and some I've never listened to at all. Take care and stay safe.

  3. I will make time to listen to this. We all need music to balance the craziness of these times. Take care, stay safe and healthy there.

  4. Thanks for this beautiful music, Tara. I have not listened to the entire presentation, but I will be writing out some cards and notes later today and tomorrow and this will be the perfect background music, peaceful, soothing and uplifting. We have also been self-isolating, but still getting out for walks several times a week, but not today which is an inside cleaning and baking day. We have not ordered any take-out from local restaurants providing that service, but plan to do so this week to help support local businesses. Your suggestions are well taken, but the microwaving might not work for all take-outs. Take care and stay well, blogger friend.


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