Friday, March 4, 2016


Well, that was a supremely surreal week, what with Super Tuesday.  I'm torn between acknowledging the reality on this blog and tripping off to la-la land with y'all.  A friend suggested that, if Bernie Sanders is not the nominee, he should run a "Don't be a Schmuck" campaign to get Dems to vote for Hillary.  And if Trump wins, I think, Republicans should vote Democratic just this once, for the good of the country.  If France's socialists and conservatives could pull it together to defeat le Pen, then we sure as hell ought to set aside our differences for once.

I hope Christie has finally gone too far by endorsing Trump.   This could be the end of his political career as well, except that we are too forgetful and stupid to remember any history that is not force fed to us on Entertainment Weekly or People magazine. 

In a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, my husband, parents and I actually had a reasonable political conversation over dinner on Super Tuesday.  We are all united in our disgust of Trump and the Republican Party.  The party as indeed gone "bat shit crazy."  So everyone is wondering if this will shatter the party and cause a new party to form.  After all, the GOP was born out of a fall out within the Whig party. 

Looky there.  I spent more time 'there' than I intended.

Tonight we are in San Francisco to hear a lecture by photographer and environmentalist Sebatstiao Salgado.

Brilliance, elegance and intelligence all in one lovely man.  A bright star in the darkness.

Hope you find your bright star this weekend.


  1. I'm so glad to know that you had a good political conversation with your dad! That is really grand in a big way. I hope a lot of die-hard republicans are fed up with Drumpf. He's much too dangerous, vulgar, and pathological to hold the office of the Presidency. Enjoy your evening in San Francisco!

  2. Brilliance, elegance, and intelligence. Sounds like a wonderful person. Have a great weekend.


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