Monday, March 22, 2021

The Merry Month of May - Colorado Style

Up in northern Colorado last week, we were hit with a blizzard. Snow was higher than I've ever seen it here. I didn't go out. I had gone grocery shopping on the morning when the snow hit about 11 a.m. I hadn't slept the night before, so I got up and 5:30 a.m., showered and started my day. I really had every food item I needed, but I didn't know how long we might be shut in from the storm, and I wanted a few things: salad greens, some frozen dinners, avocados, and milk. I was in the store at 8 a.m. A new record for me.

I was completely ready for whatever might come. It was a lot. Snowed hard all through Saturday night. I woke up and checked out the place: I couldn't open my back door, and luckily my front porch is covered so that door was okay. Large tree branches were down all over the neighborhood, including the large tree in front of my place. A very large limb had broken and landed on my roof. The limb was still hanging on to the tree a bit, which is why, I think, that it didn't damage the roof. The snow plows didn't come until Monday, and the tree company came a few days after to cut all the limbs that had fallen and grind them up. The men taking down my limbs were so happy when they got that limb off my roof. It was a delicate exercise involving chain saws and ropes. They did a good job. I was sitting next to the window on a zoom call, and had to mute myself while the chain saw whirred away.

The Tuesday after the storm, roads were clear enough that I made it to my vaccine appointment at one of our local hospitals.  The line was very long, and snaked through the building, but it moved efficiently. 

The fellow who gave me my shot was a pro, and I literally didn't feel a thing.  I was given an appointment for my second shot, a vaccine card, and sent on my way.  I got the Pfizer vaccine, and didn't notice any ill affects until the next day.  I was very tired and slept until the afternoon.  I was up for a few hours, had a light supper, and went back to bed. This happened for THREE days!  No headaches, fever or chills, just exhaustion.  I small price to pay for protection against Covid-19.

By April 16th or thereabouts, I will be able to go to my daughter's house for dinner!  She's vaccinated fully.  She wants to know what I'm going to do after I'm fully protected.  I honestly don't know.  I do know that I'm not going to fly on an airplane any time soon.  There's still a risk.  Not going to any big events, because I don't want to be in a crowd.

Maybe a car trip to a nearby scenic place with a night or two in a hotel.  Take photographs.  Take in the scenery and just enjoy being out of my house. 

There are a number of articles out now about the social anxiety of starting up one's social life after Covid.  I had been anxious about it, but that's gone away.  Just because the pandemic will someday end, I don't need to drastically change my life.  I have found that I enjoy being alone more that I would have thought.  My own company is just fine.

We'll probably get one more snow storm before spring is really here.  The rule of thumb in these parts is: don't start planting your garden until after Mother's Day in May.  I know I'll enjoy this spring immensely.  How could I not?


  1. We've had plenty of rain this year, but thankfully no real snow, certainly not enough to break branches off of trees. Glad to hear you've got your first jab. Here we're advised to continue with all precautions till after the second injection - I think the government has been stung too often, saying everything will be fine and then having to reverse their advice later. Take care.

  2. That's a lot of snow there, Tara! It's a good thing it's so beautiful. You remind me that one year when I was living in Boulder it snowed on my birthday in May!
    So glad you got your first Covid vaccine. Yay! It really does make us feel safer once we get that jab. One more to go!
    Stay safe, warm and healthy there.

  3. I'm not sure I would have liked that much snow. There was some snow on the mountains around us, but it didn't last long - it never does in this area. My garden is going strong and I spend a lot of time outside tending to it. So good that you got your first shot. I got my second one a week ago, I got the Moderna vaccine and did get chills in the night after the second shot and had a headache the following day and was very tired. I took two long naps during the day and after that everything was fine again. But even though I am fully vaccinated now I am still cautious. Like you I certainly will not get on any plane anytime soon. Maybe a road trip, maybe not. I'm fine with staying at home and spend time in my garden.


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